Welcome to the Fan Fiction Lovers of Brisbane

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Welcome to the Fan Fiction Lovers of Brisbane  Empty Welcome to the Fan Fiction Lovers of Brisbane

Post by ClaudiaR on Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:41 am

The Fan Fic Writers Meetup (Brisbane) was started in January 2015 by the wonderful and talented June (all hail the Queen). Due to life commitments she’s had to pass on the honor of organising these meetups to us: Kate, Jackie, Claudia and Matt. Think of us as Admins. We’ll be responsible for setting dates, times and venues of meetups - with your input of course!

We are for Fan Fiction lovers of all kind, writers and readers so don’t think it’s not for you if you don’t write it! About half of our attendees aren’t writers.

We aim to meet once a week but that doesn’t mean you have to attend every single one. A lot of people only come fortnightly or sporadically, including us Admins. We understand everyone has work, family and other life responsibilities so there’s no pressure.

We make a habit of meeting at venues that serve desserts. Pancake Manor, Max Brenner, Passiontree and San Churro are past venues. Although after an incident at Pancake Manor involving Cards Against Humanity, we may not go back for a little while. We’re always open to suggestions, so if there’s anywhere you want to go or you recommend, let us know!

When we meet at a venue we RSVP under the name Mary Sue.
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