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Post by Trickarrows on Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:49 pm

Fic recs for Star Trek pls! Smile gimme the good stuff!

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Star Trek Recs Empty Re: Star Trek Recs

Post by starkandspangle on Mon Nov 09, 2015 6:50 pm

Soooo, it's not exactly a Star Trek rec, more a Star Trek RPF rec.


Title: D:
Pairing: Chris Pine/Zach Quinto
Author: leupagus, rageprufrock
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Ridiculousness, crack, waaaaay too much talk about anal for a teen rated fic.
Word Count: 8493

he gets to go home early (6 pm is early, why did he think acting was going to be easier than a grown-up job?) and stare at the dildo-and-lube gift basket that's been left on his doormat. Six different dildoes, all bright neon and utterly evil. He's so busy hurling himself over it bodily before any of the photographers that had followed him home from the set gets a shot of this and gives Chris's mom another reason to call him and sound disappointed he doesn't find the note until after a wholesome dinner of cold ravioli out of a can:

"Five orgasms in three hours," the note says, in Bruce's chicken scrawl. "I DARE YOU TO DO BETTER."
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