Check Yourself Before You Rec Yourself .::Guidelines::.

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Check Yourself Before You Rec Yourself  .::Guidelines::. Empty Check Yourself Before You Rec Yourself .::Guidelines::.

Post by Becca on Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:41 pm


This forum is dedicated to recommending your favourite fanfiction(s) to the masses and spreading the good word of fanfic to the world. But before you press that caps button to spew forth the unrelenting love you have for the best fanfiction ever, please consider the following rules and suggestions:

Fic Rec Guidelines:
1. Fanfic recs are to be posted in the appropriate threads. If you have a Teen Wolf rec, it will go in the Teen Wolf thread. If you have a Star Trek rec, it will go in the Star Trek thread, etc etc.
2. If a thread does not exist for the fandom associated with your rec, create a post in the Miscellaneous thread. Once there are a minimum of 5 fic recs for a fandom, it will get its own thread.
3. For multiple recs at a time for a fandom (anything exceeding 10 recs), please post them in a Google Doc and link that document in the fandom thread.
4. Where possible, keep discussions about the fanfics to a minimum. We don't want all the glorious fanfiction hidden under squeeing.
5. Remember to ALWAYS post any trigger warnings, ratings or specific kinks while reccing a fic. Look after each other folks!

Finally, if you're stuck on how to rec something, try the following:

Fanfiction Title:
Kinks (If any):
Word Count:

And now...on your marks...get set...REC!
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