I'm so sorry (Person of Interest, gen)

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I'm so sorry (Person of Interest, gen) Empty I'm so sorry (Person of Interest, gen)

Post by JackieMochi on Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:11 pm


Vidder: Eyildr
Fandom: Person of Interest
Music: Imagine Dragons - I'm so sorry

Warnings for: gratuitous TV violence.
Including but not limited to - things blowing up, cars exploding, cars crashing, people getting shot at (especially in the kneecaps), people getting punched, people being thrown out of windows, people jumping out of windows, people getting hit in the face with a barstool, and people getting hit over the head with one of those hand dryers you find in public restrooms.

Basically, that one scene at the end where John shrugs like "what?", that's this whole show's response to all of the above. (Firing a rocket launcher from on top of a moving vehicle? No biggie.)

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