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Post by Becca on Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:41 pm

Because who doesn't want more queer lady movies in their lives?!

Here is my own short list of recs off the top of my head:

Title: D.E.B.S.
Rating: M
Warnings: Guns, Cheesy Dialogue
Summary: The DEBS are an elite group of spies made up of girls picked via a secret test in the SATs. Amy Bradshaw, the DEBS "Perfect Score" is part of the top DEB squad, but dreams of finding love and going to art school. When Amy and her squad are tasked with bringing down Lucy Diamond, the most dangerous crime boss in the US, Amy and Lucy find they have a connection that goes beyond good guy/bad guy and end up falling for each other.
Why You Should Watch It: SPIES, ACTION, LESBIANS, LOTS OF LADIES. It isn't one of the best filmed or plotted movies in Hollywood, but it has its moments and it's hilarious af. And it has a happy ending! In a queer lady movie!!! Is this real life?!
Where to Watch It: Available to buy on iTunes, though if you aren't an apple fan there may be other nefarious ways of watching it.......

Title: But I'm a Cheerleader
Rating: M
Warnings: Homophobic Slurs, Sex Scenes (however no nudity)
Summary: Megan is a cheerleader. She goes to church and has a steady boyfriend. She's a pretty typical teenage girl...except her vegetarianism, questionable tastes in decor and general dislike of making out with aforementioned boyfriend leads her parents and friends to lead an intervention as they think she's a lesbian. Despite her protests, Megan is sent off to True Directions, a conversion therapy institution where she can learn to be straight...and just ends up realising she is gay after all.
Why You Should Watch It: This is the stupidest movie but it's cute and I really connected with it when I was coming to terms with my own sexuality when I was younger. I would argue it's a happy movie, but it definitely has its low points, but ends on a good note.
Where to Watch It: Available at your local JB. At least it was when I brought it. If not, I'm happy to lend it to anyone whose interested!

Title: Gray Matters
Rating: M
Warnings: None that I can remember
Summary: Sister and Brother are both single and live together. Both decide they need to get out and date. Sister meets girl who is perfect for Brother. Brother and girl fall in love and plan to get married. Sister realises shes fallen in love with girl as well. Dilemma?!
Why You Should Watch It: A coming out movie, and a good one. Also a good sibling friendship movie!
Where to Watch It: You can watch it on youtube here!

...three is a good start, right?

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